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Invest in PerPayment Ads Trading Network earn upto $ 499 Per Conversion credited real time in your account.

What is PerPayment Ads Trading? Is it like Stock Market Shares Trading?
Ads Trading is for Government Schemes, Investors Category from Mutual Funds, Corporate, MSME, HNI, NGO's, Philathropist & Others.

Data is the new oil & PerPayment Ad Network provide you with the key to the Oil Well.

PerPayment Ads Trading enables PerPayment Advistiser Unique ID (AUI) for your investment, all income generated from your Ads Campaigns real time credit is done to your PerPayment Advertiser ID.

PerPayment Ads Trading is the most transparent investment platform globally. You can view income from PerPayment View Income Analytics Panel.

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Joining PerPayment Ads Trading Network

5 Step Process

  1. Complete this application form with setup fees for allotment of PerPayment Account Manager
  2. Setup fees is used to assign PerPayment Account Manager who will handle your account.
  3. PerPayment Account Manager are Investment Bankers with Ads Trading Experience
  4. Your Company / Indivual PerPayment Advetiser Account is created with Ads & Location mutually agreed. Ads Trading Investment Amount is credited by you to PerPayment Inc Indian Bank Account.
  5. In Your PerPayment Advertiser Account - Your Bank Account is configured to recieve revenue

Advantages Of Joining PerPayment Ads Trading Network

Top 5 Advantages

  1. You get your PerPayment Advertiser Account to Credit Ads Amount & Receive Income Online.
  2. You get dedicated PerPayment Account Manager to ensure your Ads Trading Investment makes good revenue.
  3. PerPayment Ads trading showcase Ads of PerPayment, Fundacle, HireKhan & American Ratings Inc.
  4. PerPayment Ads trading provides you opportunity for investment diversification.
  5. You get Instant Sales Revenue credited in your PerPayment Income Panel. Every 1st of the month your commission earned is credited in your bank account

            All Country Citizens Can Apply
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Earn Ad Sales Revenue upto $ 499 per conversion

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